On The Blood

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On The Blood

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The Church on the Blood – The Russian Orthodox Church in Yekaterinburg built on the site where the former Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and his family were executed in 1918.

On July 17, 1918 the Bolshevik authorities ordered the execution of Nicholas II and his immediate family in the cellar of the Special Purpose House. The family were told that they would be photographed to prove to the people of Russia that they were still alive. The family was arranged appropriately and left alone for several minutes. Shortly afterwards a group of Red Army soldiers entered the room and murdered them…

Years later tales surfaced that told of one survivor; the young Anastasia. Was it divine intervention that saved her from the bullets and bayonets of the executioners, pure luck or was she a fraudulent imposter?

Sit back and I will demonstrate the truth and how Anastasia´s survival was more then mere chance!

Effect Synopsis

Seven photographs mysteriously discovered hidden in the back of an old photo frame are placed on the table face down and mixed. The spectator and performer take turns to select a family member at random for ‘execution’. Regardless of choice the final card who escapes execution is always Anastasia.


The cards are mixed face down by the spectator

Cards selected for ‘execution’ are selected randomly

The Anastasia card will always mysteriously escape execution

Completely self working and requires no skill to perform

Owners of ‘From Hell’ will be familiar with the craftsmanship and quality of the props. On the Blood is no exception, from the angel and skull adorned framed memorial to the blood splattered photographs this will be a gruesome and astonishing addition to your collection.

On the Blood contains –


This effect covers the topic of murder and execution. Although historically educational this may not be suitable for young children. If you have moral issues regarding this subject please do not buy On the Blood.

Graffiti in the Cellar

An investigation into the disappearance of the Romanov family was initiated and the ‘Special Purpose House’ was searched for clues of their fate. The search concentrated on the cellar of the house where a year earlier the family had been slaughtered. In addition to traces of bullets and blood found in the cellar room, graffiti was discovered written on the wallpaper, it read –

“Belsatzar ward in selbiger Nacht Von seinen Knechter umgebracht”

Which when translated into English reads:

These words are distorted extracts from the poem ‘Balthazar’ written by German poet Heinrich Heine. The poem evokes the legend of the last king of Babylon who was murdered by his own slaves after he mocked God.

The prop supplied with On the Blood is a framed replica of this cryptic graffiti as originally displayed at the Brussels Trans-Siberian Express Exhibition.

Top & Bottom: The original graffiti on wallpaper taken from the cellar.

Right: Prop replica of exhibit including 7 cards mysteriously discovered in the back of the frame showing all 7 murdered family members.

Shipping discount applied on multiple item purchase and issued as refund after payment.

A frame containing wallpaper from the cellar of the Special Purpose House bearing graffiti that was mysteriously left at the scene of the execution

7 individual photographs of the Romanov family members hidden mysteriously in the back of the picture frame. All photos are blood stained apart from the enigmatic Anastasia

Each frame is wrapped in Russian newspaper for added authenticity

Detailed 14 page document covering the method, the routine and the history regarding the Romanov executions


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